On-Schedule Delivery and Client Satisfaction are the biggest support of our services


More than 50 years of commitment to each one of the stages necessary for completing our construction projects within the established deadlines and with high quality standards.

Van der Laat y Jiménez

Pre-Construction Service

The result of our pre-constructive procedures is an end product that meets the needs of the client and the objectives of the project through the reduction of construction time, significant savings and reduction of change orders.

Pre-Construction services include:

  • Developing an Initial Budget
  • Price Update
  • Value Engineering
  • System Analysis and Selection 
  • Review and Coordination of Construction Documents 
  • Quality Control
  • Cash Flow Forecasts
  • Crane Positioning Studies
  • Construction Planning
  • On-site Management Planning
  • On-site Research 
  • Programming
  • Construction Permit Coordination
  • Determining a Maximum Guaranteed Price
  • Identification and Purchase of Imported Materials
  • Labor, Subcontractor, Material Availability and Quality Consulting

Design and Construction Service

Based on the relationships and contacts we keep in the development, design and construction of real estate projects, and in general in the construction industry, we create design and construction joint ventures to meet the requirements of each project.

It is through these companies that we add value to the design by means of its constructability, budget, control of expenses and logistics.

Van der Laat y Jimenez - Nuestra gente
Van der Laat y Jimenez - Nuestra Gente

General Contractor Service

Providing general contractor services has been the basis of our business for 40 years. We provide our clients with leadership and consistency in managing and executing projects, working with owners, architects, engineers and subcontractors for building a successful project.

General contractor services include:

  • Cost control and monitoring
  • Creation and Control of Work Schedules
  • Subcontractor Management
  • On-site Engineering and Management 
  • Occupational Safety
  • Project Accounting
  • On-site Order Management
  • Workshop Drawings and Submittal Review
  • Quality Control

Construction Management Service

As construction manager, VAN DER LAAT Y JIMENEZ provides a wide range of services to our clients during the planning, design and construction stages. VAN DER LAAT Y JIMENEZ intends to work as an extension of our clients’ organization or company by supplementing their skills and by representing their interests throughout the project.

From the initial planning and design stages to the final closure of the project, VAN DER LAAT Y JIMENEZ works with effective systems and procedures for monitoring the project and guaranteeing that the client´s objectives will be accomplished.

Van der Laat y Jimenez
Van der Laat y Jiménez

Direct Construction Service

The capacity of VAN DER LAAT Y JIMENEZ to carry out most of the construction work with our own work teams increases our ability to control the costs, duration and quality of the project, as it is through this expertise that we are able to deliver a better product to our clients.